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Cosmic Online Alphabetical Aliens League Tonight Monday June 8th 8 – 10 pm est

June 8, 2009

TIME: 8 – 10PM  EST…come anytime within those hours
DURATION: MAY – JUNE (8 weeks)
Host: Peter

This Week –  Week Three
Alphabetical Aliens Combo 
L- M “Stumble Around” by Peter
Laser, Loser, Machine, Macron

Current Alphabetical Aliens League Standings

Player Wins Losses Winning %
Bill 2 2 50%
subby 2 2 50%
amatecon 1 0 100%
Mesmer69 1 0 100%
Adam 1 1 50%
zxzxi 1 2 33%
BigHeadZach 0 2 0%
Icaruslnx 0 2 0%
motabota 0 2 0%
Sleepy Weasel 0 2 0%
Peter 0 4 0%
Fljared 0 1 0%
Greg 0 1 0%
LonelyMoon 0 1 0%
Serfuge 0 1 0%

League Rules
Solo WIns Only
The finals will be the top two players in wins and the top two players with the best winning % with 5 games or more. This allows players to join league at any time and still be in the running. So if you haven’t played yet come tonight!

League WInner gets Cosmic ALien T-shirt or Mug of choice.

Lag Bug  

Lets try this tonight.  I want to test if the Lobby chat function is generating the annoying lag. It seems to strike when we are all in the lobby chatting before or after coming back from a game.

When we are all in the lobby, keep chat to a minimum. I will announce the games and the winners.
If we have a big lag, assume that I will reboot the game server – which takes about 2 minutes. After the reboot come back in for more games. 

Cosmic Online Alphabetical Aliens League Week Two

June 2, 2009

Week Two finally got played, featuring:

2. Empath, Filch, Ghost, Healer

Subby was a two game winer among the humans. Healer was a two game winner in alines by player. zxzxi and Mesmer69 took the other two wins.

Unfortunately LAG was back in all its glory with a game server and VPS restart necessary. Good code was captured and lobby chat is still a suspect.

Next Monday: Week 3. Laser, Loser, Machine, Macron

Week 2 Alphabetical Aliens League Monday May 18 8 -10 pm est

May 18, 2009

Be there tonight 8 – 10 pm est. We are playing the E Through H Combo.

Week 2. Empath, Filch, Ghost, Healer

Last week: A Through D was a very good Alphabetical Aliens Combo!

Week 1. Anti-Matter, Calculator, Clone, Dictator

Clone could keep high and low vs Anti, Calculator could foil with equalization, Dictator had to really be careful about where to send  players but could forestall victory. Calculator wound up with two wins, one by amatecon and one by Bill. Bill had the most wins with 2.

Lag fixed??? 

So far the lag has not reappeared since the adjustments to the Apache Settings on the VPS. We are hopeful.

Cosmic Encounter Online Alphabetical Aliens League

May 1, 2009

A new category of combos, Alphabetical Aliens, will be the stars of the next League. We will play the aliens in alphabetical order. To make it come out even, you will be sad to hear that I have excluded Brat, Dork and Parasite from this set.  I will get the Alphabetical combos up this weekend .

Starting on Monday May 11th 
TIME: 8 – 10PM  EST
Host: Peter

Alphabetical Aliens – weeks 1 – 8

1. Anti-Matter, Calculator, Clone, Dictator
2. Empath, Filch, Ghost, Healer
3. Laser, Loser, Machine, Macron
4. Martian, Mind, Mite, Mutant 
5. Oracle, Pacifist, Philanthropist, Reincarnator
6. Sapient, Sorcerer, Trader, Tripler
7. Vacuum, Virus, Void, Vulch 
8. Warpish, Warrior, Will, Zombie

Cosmic Encounter Online Much Madness Week 5

April 3, 2009

Four players tied with 3 wins as the madness continuuuuuues.


Cosmic Much Madness League Week 3

March 22, 2009

Cosmic MUch Madness League Week 3

Cosmic Encounter Online March Madness Week 2

March 15, 2009


Madness Continues

Madness Continues

League Lag Testing

March 9, 2009

I need 8 members to help do load testing for about 30 minutes during the week – before Thursdays League. I want to do it at a time different that the 8 -10 pm est slot when we have League Lag.

Let me know what time you have between 3 – 7 pm And I will get back.

Before we go to the trouble of moving cosmic to a dedicated server (instead of the VPS) we want to sure its not the game engine itself that is the problem.

April Fools Pods Fixed for League

March 7, 2009

The Thursday Cosmic Encounter Online March Madness League will feature the April Fools Pods. They have been tested and everything is a go. See you Thursdays at 8 pm est.

Fall Cosmic Online League Starts Monday Oct 6th 8 PM

September 29, 2008


Time: 8-10 pm est

Days: Monday & Thursday

Place: Cosmic Lobby League Rooms 7 & 8

Starts: Monday Oct 6th

Winners: Get Alien T-Shirts. 

New Feature: Join In Progress- Host can slide you in to any open slot!!

In Double Trouble League, 2-player wins are allowed. If you win solo, you win 3 points. If you win with an ally or in a deal, you win 1 point. If Parasite joins an alliance causing them to have 3 winners, Parasite wins in place of the main player, and the other ally wins with him. An alliance cannot win with a bot unless at the time of invitation he was a player who then dropped out and transformed into a bot! 3-player wins are never allowed. No conspiracies, please! 

League will be held on Mondays and Thursdays from 8-10 PM EST for four weeks, followed by a championship series on a date to be determined later (by me). The championship series will work with slightly different rules. All wins, solo or joint, will be worth one point. The first player(s) to two points wins! This means we could have two winners for the league. 

The Philanthropist alien is sponsoring this league, so if there are two champions, there WILL be two prizes! Finalists for the championship will be determined by most points, not by percentage as in past leagues. 

Players can compete in six games per week, either all in one day, or split up between Monday and Thursday as they please. 

The league schedule will be as follows: 

Monday, October 6 
Thursday, October 9 
Monday, October 13 
Thursday, October 16 
Monday, October 20 
Thursday, October 23 
Monday, October 27 
Thursday, October 30 (Will Ichabod Dictator be there with his 101 pod? Time shall tell!)