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I’m just sayin’…….

September 9, 2009

What if Cosmic Online were relaunched with a 3D LOOK where you came into the Cosmic Nexus (a retro space station thingy). You would see little aliens slithering, floating and other wise acting up in the NEXUS and you could get to any Alien Home World via the HyperSpace Gate. Home Worlds would offer some special CE variant or other feature.
For Example:
Insect’s Home World: Duplicate Power games. (Play Cosmic where more than one player can be a given alien. So a game of 3 Viruses and an Anti-Matter might occur.)
Clone’s Home World: Multiple Power games. You can be more than one alien at a time.
Ghost’s Home World: Hidden Power games. Powers remain hidden until used.
Will’s Home World: Choice of Power, Get 3 aliens choose 1
Martian’s Home World: No Power ( beginners can play with no powers)
Prophet’s Home World: Choose Combo
Merchant’s Home World: Choose Your Alien
Sniveler’s Home World: April Fools Pods (The deck has a whacky set of pods from -10 to 101 with multiple flares.)
Locust’s Home World: 5 & 6 Players Options
Machine’s Home World: Bots Only
Gamblers Home World: Cosmic Poker mini game. Regular poker is played but the players become one of about a dozen aliens with a form of that aliens power applied to the rules of poker. A few of the dozen are Gambler, Seeker, Miser, Skeptic, Trader, Sniveler. Jokers stay in the deck and act as Cosmic Zaps against any power.
Sapient’s Home World: Cosmic Uzzle mini game: (A mini game based on Eon’s Runes (Buzzle) played for prizes with ONLY words from the Cosmic Universe.)
Disease’s Home World: Cosmic Solitaire mini game ( As set of playing cards with Cosmic Aliens as the face cards with solitaire games.)
Empath’s Home World: Cosmic Music ringtone downloads. (All the cosmic themes and aliens audio for ringtone and download)

I’m just sayin’…….

Cosmic ISP – Network Solutions is down today for some unspecified reason

June 6, 2009

Cosmic ISP – Network Solutions is down today for some unspecified reason. They thought it would be up soon an hour ago.



Combo Search Fixed

May 8, 2009

Thc combo panel search has been fixed. You can search by player name, by alien or by combo name. For aliens you can use the 3 letter code or the full name. You cn search for combos with two aliens by entering the two three letter cods with a space, LIKE THIS: sap vir,

Check out the new alphabetical combos all queued up for the start of the Alphabetical Aliens League on Monday at 8 pm est.

Much Madness Week 4

April 2, 2009


Much Madness Cosmic Encounter League Week 3

March 20, 2009

Subby took TheDukesters bait and scored 2 wins in the Thursday night Cosmic Encounter Online Much Madness League. Other winners were Bill, Sleepy Weasel, Toomai and zanthraxis (winner of the momocon Cosmic board game tournament in Atlanta over the weekend).

Cosmic Encounter Online Much Madness League

March 19, 2009

Don’t get mad, get even! We are changing the name of the league to Much Madness, and since we stole the April Fools Pods, we are extending the League through April. (Also because we are playing one day a week instead of two, and another month will make a better league.)

Every Thursday 8 pm EST features the April Fools Pods (-10 to 101) and Double Artifacts. Winner gets Alien T-shirt.

Cosmic Encounter Online March Madness Week 2

March 15, 2009


Madness Continues

Madness Continues

March 13, 2009

March Madness League Week 2 results

Aadam wil Winner
mailman war 0
GeorgeOTC hea 0
Praxis man 0

Praxis rei Winner
SL sor 0
Toomai ora 0
SleepingWeasel cal 0

TheDukester wil Winner
Icarus_LNX tri 0
Praxis ant 0
Aadam vul 0

Peter wil Winner
Toomai emp 0
BigHeadZach min 0
SleepingWeasel mit 0

TheDukester pac Winner
SleepingWeasel fih 0
Toomai voi 0
Peter wap 0

League Lag Testing

March 9, 2009

I need 8 members to help do load testing for about 30 minutes during the week – before Thursdays League. I want to do it at a time different that the 8 -10 pm est slot when we have League Lag.

Let me know what time you have between 3 – 7 pm And I will get back.

Before we go to the trouble of moving cosmic to a dedicated server (instead of the VPS) we want to sure its not the game engine itself that is the problem.

March Madness Cosmic Online League Thursdays 8 – 10 pm est

March 2, 2009

March Madness Cosmic Online League Thursdays 8 – 10 pm est. Winner gets an ALIEN T-SHIRT of his or her choice.

The MMCEO League will be hosted by CE Designer Peter Olotka. It will run every Thursday during March. League finals will be on Thursday April 2.

Just show up in the lobby at any time between 8 – 10 pm est to get in a League game.

League Rules:

Members Only

Single Wins Only

If Parasite wins as ally it wins alone

If a Bot wins all players Lose

The March Madness Games will feature the following additions to the deck.