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@pgocosmic on twitter

January 19, 2011

There are more than 300,000 Cosmic Encounter players in the world. It turns out that twitter is the way to find them and bring them together!

With the resurgence of our favorite game via the great Fantasy Flight edition, and Expansion 2 “Cosmic Conflict” coming very very soon (Jan or Feb) of 5 planned, we have a great opportunity to reinvigorate the Cosmic Community. I was just chatting with Kevin WIlson at FFG yesterday about expansion set 3 :).

Today, Cosmic fan, Alan Varney via twitter and Board Game Geek has declared February 12 as National Cosmic Encounter Day :). We heartily concur!
National Cosmic Encounter Day | Cosmic Encounter | BoardGameGeek

Join us on twitter to keep in (and magnify) the cosmic loop.

It’s free for those of you not on twitter. And if you are reticent – just make a twitter account solely for the purpose of building the Cosmic community. That’s how I use it and it rocks! ONce you have an account, do a search for Cosmic Encounter (and other terms that you think might apply) and you will on your way.

In other news, Cosmic Online player “yuropa” Glen Pepicelli has been working with Bill Eberle and me on relocating Cosmic Online to the Amazon EC2 Cloud as well as beginning work on new CE Online aliens from the FFG Set.

If you have projects which need cloud support email Glen at

Looking ahead to a good Cosmic 2011.