Peter Olotka has extensive design experience having created over 50 award-winning games and projects.

Working with his son Greg, as Creative Consultants, Partner Bill Eberle and Jack Kittredge as Eon Products, and both as Future Pastimes, they have designed products in virtually every form of media including: museum kiosk, computer, internet, board, card, kit, large group experience, vcr, cd-rom, laser disc, interactive cable, interactive movie, TV game show, and radio.

They have worked as game and exhibit designers and consultants to dozens of companies including AT&T, Disney, CBS, Children’s Television Workshop, Boston Museum of Science, National Inventor’s Hall of Fame, Discovery Networks, Electronic Arts, Ford, IBM, Epcot, Lucas Arts, Scholastic, Sundance, WGBH TV and WNET TV. Peter has a Masters Degree from Emerson College in Mass Communications.

Peter Olotka Game Designer

Science Fiction Work
Cosmic Encounter Online
Frank Herbert’s DUNE board game for Avalon Hill
Marion Zimmer’s DARKOVER board game for Eon Products
StarTrek, the Enterprise Encounter, board game for West End games
Star Trek, Discover Extremes at Starfleet Academy, internet game for TryScience & Paramount
Isaac Asimov’s Robots, VCR game for Kodak
Argos Expedition, Computer game for Childrens Television Workshop & CBS
Weather Tamers, Computer game for Childrens Television Workshop & CBS
Beast From Loch Ness (NOVA, broadcast 1999)– Expedition Manager, Peter Olotka


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