I’m just sayin’…….

What if Cosmic Online were relaunched with a 3D LOOK where you came into the Cosmic Nexus (a retro space station thingy). You would see little aliens slithering, floating and other wise acting up in the NEXUS and you could get to any Alien Home World via the HyperSpace Gate. Home Worlds would offer some special CE variant or other feature.
For Example:
Insect’s Home World: Duplicate Power games. (Play Cosmic where more than one player can be a given alien. So a game of 3 Viruses and an Anti-Matter might occur.)
Clone’s Home World: Multiple Power games. You can be more than one alien at a time.
Ghost’s Home World: Hidden Power games. Powers remain hidden until used.
Will’s Home World: Choice of Power, Get 3 aliens choose 1
Martian’s Home World: No Power ( beginners can play with no powers)
Prophet’s Home World: Choose Combo
Merchant’s Home World: Choose Your Alien
Sniveler’s Home World: April Fools Pods (The deck has a whacky set of pods from -10 to 101 with multiple flares.)
Locust’s Home World: 5 & 6 Players Options
Machine’s Home World: Bots Only
Gamblers Home World: Cosmic Poker mini game. Regular poker is played but the players become one of about a dozen aliens with a form of that aliens power applied to the rules of poker. A few of the dozen are Gambler, Seeker, Miser, Skeptic, Trader, Sniveler. Jokers stay in the deck and act as Cosmic Zaps against any power.
Sapient’s Home World: Cosmic Uzzle mini game: (A mini game based on Eon’s Runes (Buzzle) played for prizes with ONLY words from the Cosmic Universe.)
Disease’s Home World: Cosmic Solitaire mini game ( As set of playing cards with Cosmic Aliens as the face cards with solitaire games.)
Empath’s Home World: Cosmic Music ringtone downloads. (All the cosmic themes and aliens audio for ringtone and download)

I’m just sayin’…….

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4 Comments on “I’m just sayin’…….”

  1. Toomai Says:

    I would so love to help with that kind of thing.

  2. El Dukester Says:

    And I’M just saying: all of that would be Cos-gasmic. Hell, HALF of that would be Cos-gasmic.

  3. AP Says:

    My foundership better carry over!!

  4. MarkHB Says:

    That sounds amazing, but there was one word in the middle of it that hit the one thing I would most like to see in CEO:

    Flares. You could even use the mini-alien images from the Cone-ships (I forget the in-game name, but the ships that are used during encounters to show the allies and scoring) to label them.

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