Bill Wins Alphabet Aliens League Finals

It took only three games for Bill to win two first as Vulch, facing down the formidible Virus, Void, Vacuum trio and then as Oracle up against Reincarnator, Philanthropist and Pacifist. BigHeadZach, the dark horse contender, took the first win as Healer only to see Bill wrap up the next two contests. zxzxi who was the top seed and thus got to pick the first two combos was shut out as was Sleepy Weasel, winner of the 2005 Autumn Rumble and 2006 WInter Crunch Leagues.

Leagues of Yore

Garvoids League 2003 amatecon

TurkeyTrot 2003 amatecon

Spring Training 2004 Soothsayer

Summer Slam 7 2004 Peter

Summer Slam 8 2004 Lonely Moon

Autumn Rumble 2005 Sleepy Weasel Pacifist

Winter Crunch 2006 Sleepy Weasel Will

Summer Mini 2006 AP Void

Sarry’s Combo 2006 Capt_Dave_TSA Vulch

AP’s Christmas league 2006 -7 Amatecon Vulch

Amadeus Reincarnator league 2007 BigShidder Virus

Misfit League 2007 Subby Sorcerer

Double Trouble 2008 GeorgeOTC Empath

Much Madness 2009 Aadam (AP) ??

Alphabet Aliens 2009 Bill Vulch and Oracle

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One Comment on “Bill Wins Alphabet Aliens League Finals”

  1. Adam Says:

    If there is a question mark after my name under March Madness because of the screen name change, yes, that was me.

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