Cosmic Online Alphabetical Aliens League Tonight Monday June 8th 8 – 10 pm est

TIME: 8 – 10PM  EST…come anytime within those hours
DURATION: MAY – JUNE (8 weeks)
Host: Peter

This Week –  Week Three
Alphabetical Aliens Combo 
L- M “Stumble Around” by Peter
Laser, Loser, Machine, Macron

Current Alphabetical Aliens League Standings

Player Wins Losses Winning %
Bill 2 2 50%
subby 2 2 50%
amatecon 1 0 100%
Mesmer69 1 0 100%
Adam 1 1 50%
zxzxi 1 2 33%
BigHeadZach 0 2 0%
Icaruslnx 0 2 0%
motabota 0 2 0%
Sleepy Weasel 0 2 0%
Peter 0 4 0%
Fljared 0 1 0%
Greg 0 1 0%
LonelyMoon 0 1 0%
Serfuge 0 1 0%

League Rules
Solo WIns Only
The finals will be the top two players in wins and the top two players with the best winning % with 5 games or more. This allows players to join league at any time and still be in the running. So if you haven’t played yet come tonight!

League WInner gets Cosmic ALien T-shirt or Mug of choice.

Lag Bug  

Lets try this tonight.  I want to test if the Lobby chat function is generating the annoying lag. It seems to strike when we are all in the lobby chatting before or after coming back from a game.

When we are all in the lobby, keep chat to a minimum. I will announce the games and the winners.
If we have a big lag, assume that I will reboot the game server – which takes about 2 minutes. After the reboot come back in for more games. 

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