Cosmic Encounter Online Alphabetical Aliens League

A new category of combos, Alphabetical Aliens, will be the stars of the next League. We will play the aliens in alphabetical order. To make it come out even, you will be sad to hear that I have excluded Brat, Dork and Parasite from this set.  I will get the Alphabetical combos up this weekend .

Starting on Monday May 11th 
TIME: 8 – 10PM  EST
Host: Peter

Alphabetical Aliens – weeks 1 – 8

1. Anti-Matter, Calculator, Clone, Dictator
2. Empath, Filch, Ghost, Healer
3. Laser, Loser, Machine, Macron
4. Martian, Mind, Mite, Mutant 
5. Oracle, Pacifist, Philanthropist, Reincarnator
6. Sapient, Sorcerer, Trader, Tripler
7. Vacuum, Virus, Void, Vulch 
8. Warpish, Warrior, Will, Zombie

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One Comment on “Cosmic Encounter Online Alphabetical Aliens League”

  1. Furthur Says:

    Even though I got thoroughly fed-up with the goings-on with League (and not just the saboteurs from the outside) AND I was never a big fan of combos, I kinda wish I could make these (at least to try… if it’s the same BS, I can always bail.) But I can’t. So I won’t.

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