Cosmic Much Madness League Week 3

Cosmic MUch Madness League Week 3

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6 Comments on “Cosmic Much Madness League Week 3”

  1. Fidd Says:

    This isn’t about League, but since the forum’s are all but abandoned, I’d ask here. I logged into CEO for the first time in nearly two years, and I wanted to ask a couple things: 1. I’m getting a pop-up from the site (my browser is blocking it) when I re-lobby. What is it?; a warning?; ad? error? 2.) When is Join-in-Progress going to be “blockable”?

  2. pgocosmic Says:

    Hi Fidd,

    Are you sure it’s not the usual pop up that is spawned when you go from PLAY after logging in? There has always been a pop up. Which allows you to play when you have block pop ups enabled.

    It sounds like you are getting that but its not giving you the 2 button choice-

    return to site or load game

    What happens when you try to enter lobby with pop up disabled?

    Block Join in Progress is pretty low on the list since traffics is so light that you can always hide below in a members room and play alone.

    Are you able to play at all?

    Come to league tomorrow!


  3. Fidd Says:

    It was a pic of people playing Cosmic, I think.

  4. pgocosmic Says:

    Sounds like you clicked on TheDukesters Blogmic Encounter link – which is off the home page.

  5. Fidd Says:

    No. It’s happening when I lobby after a game. I’m not clicking anything. No big deal. I was just a little paranoid around the first of April with all of the nasty viruses created especially for the day. I looked at the pic: it’s of Sarry and Repo. Is nobody else getting that?

  6. pgocosmic Says:

    Fidd email me at This is weird. I took those pix out of the lobby (due to the divorce 🙂

    I want to figure out how its even possible.

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