WInners 2008 and December

2008 winners
tmax as Parasite 81,445 mrics
sluggo as Pacifist 43,104 mrics
Anfauglir as Warrior 31,821 mrics
Williamson as Trader 27,765 mrics

December 2008 Winners
Barrok as Void
AP as Healer
Williamson as Trader
walter_kurtz as Macron

Yours truly will be catching up on alien glossies and other Prizes this month for the last quarter of 08. tmax will be taking home the coveted Parasite Drinking Mug. We hope he doesn’t catch anything too creepy from it.

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2 Comments on “WInners 2008 and December”

  1. tmax Says:


    Hey Peter, my street address has changed. I’ll try to email it to you; DON’T send my coveted prize to the old address.

  2. pgocosmic Says:

    Talk about a slow motion conversation 🙂 Come play in the League tonight.

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