Fall Cosmic Online League Starts Monday Oct 6th 8 PM


Time: 8-10 pm est

Days: Monday & Thursday

Place: Cosmic Lobby League Rooms 7 & 8

Starts: Monday Oct 6th

Winners: Get Alien T-Shirts. 

New Feature: Join In Progress- Host can slide you in to any open slot!!

In Double Trouble League, 2-player wins are allowed. If you win solo, you win 3 points. If you win with an ally or in a deal, you win 1 point. If Parasite joins an alliance causing them to have 3 winners, Parasite wins in place of the main player, and the other ally wins with him. An alliance cannot win with a bot unless at the time of invitation he was a player who then dropped out and transformed into a bot! 3-player wins are never allowed. No conspiracies, please! 

League will be held on Mondays and Thursdays from 8-10 PM EST for four weeks, followed by a championship series on a date to be determined later (by me). The championship series will work with slightly different rules. All wins, solo or joint, will be worth one point. The first player(s) to two points wins! This means we could have two winners for the league. 

The Philanthropist alien is sponsoring this league, so if there are two champions, there WILL be two prizes! Finalists for the championship will be determined by most points, not by percentage as in past leagues. 

Players can compete in six games per week, either all in one day, or split up between Monday and Thursday as they please. 

The league schedule will be as follows: 

Monday, October 6 
Thursday, October 9 
Monday, October 13 
Thursday, October 16 
Monday, October 20 
Thursday, October 23 
Monday, October 27 
Thursday, October 30 (Will Ichabod Dictator be there with his 101 pod? Time shall tell!) 


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5 Comments on “Fall Cosmic Online League Starts Monday Oct 6th 8 PM”

  1. Mark Says:

    I hate to use this to contact you folks, but I’ve tried to join the futurepastimes forum, and haven’t heard back with a confirmation in over a week. Email to the polotka address that my “Please wait for your confirmation” email came from just bounces as “No such address,” and mail to info@futurepastimes.com comes back with “Mailbox too full.” Can someone please fix your mail system? Thanks!

  2. pgocosmic Says:

    Seemes like you joined, since you are posting. The FP mailbox was full because we just did a bul mailing to our “opt in” list of ce players and there were a lot of bounce backs – since the list has not been used in a while. Will clear them out.

  3. tmax Says:

    Is this where we’re supposed to be discussing the schedule for finals?

    Tomorrow, Nov 2nd, between 2 and 4 (EST) will work for me; no other time this weekend. I’m also available early evening during the week (between 5 and 7 EST). Next weekend I’ll have more flexibility.

  4. AP Says:

    We should be discussing in the forum, actually, but fortunately Peter told me about your comment, so I came check it out. I announced in the lobby and on the forum that it would be tonight, and I don’t remember you or anyone objecting to it. Finals will still go on tonight at 8PM EST (normal league starting time) if we have enough players with subs. If not, we will try to reschedule for either Monday, Thursday, or Saturday at 8PM EST. The date can be changed if necessary but not the time. 8PM has worked all month and for the majority of past leagues, so it’ll have to make do for now. Sorry if this doesn’t work out for you anymore.

    Just a note, I don’t know that I myself could make it this Monday, so I’d prefer not to meet then, but if necessary, I can have someone sub-host then, perhaps, or just trust you all to play right. 🙂

  5. AP Says:

    League was played with two subs, but we had a blast. GeorgeOTC took home the gold as Empath. Tmax, as your sub, I won a Philanthropist glossy. I hope you enjoy it!
    Thanks everyone for playing. See the forum for more information.

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