Test Version of Join Games In Progress Now Up

We are now testing the new CE Server at cosmicencounter.com. The version currently installed has JOIN GAMES IN PROGRESS. If you want to test. Here are known issues:

1. We are running on a VPS virtual personal server – we need to adjust the amount of memory allocated for cosmic. (Will be working on this with the ISP Network Solutions.) The memory issues may make your game hang.

2. When you come into the lobby – your name might lose its underline. Go into a room and return to lobby to fix.

3. When you see a game in progress with bots, you will see a JOIN button. When you click JOIN, you get the aliens beaming in screen. This will last until the game gets to the end of a round. (We will put some language there to let players know they are not stuck.)

4. If you lose chat, click PAUSE rapidly until you see the PAUSE message – that fixes it.

5. If you are a JOIN player, you will not be able to get back to the lobby after the game. Click the go to lobby button and you will see an empty lobby. Click the lobby logo and then relog in.

Post any comments at cosblog. We will try to get the old forum moved to the new server later on.

Greg and Bill and I will do our best to get things humming this week.

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32 Comments on “Test Version of Join Games In Progress Now Up”

  1. AP Says:

    Really glad to be back! Some bugs we’ve run into…

    1) Reincarnator will appear as the alien he was incarnated as when the Joining player first joined. He even stays as that power after he reincarnates again, in appearance only. This also slows the game down a lot.

    2) This may be Join-related or memory-related, but a player Joined a game as Empath, and at one point he used his power and it did not animate and could not be zapped, but it did take effect. I believe (but don’t remember) that it worked fine earlier that game, too.

  2. AP Says:

    More minor bug:
    A special set player joined once and appeared as a member with 2891007 (or some other giant number) days left of membership. When we clicked Play Again, he did not have underline anymore.

  3. AP Says:

    Just joined a REI game and did not experience the same bug as earlier.

    New error:
    A player (who was in the game when it began) left after I joined, and his name stayed in despite obviously performing as a bot.

  4. Peter Says:

    The game counts the JOIN player in the game AND the left behind player name in the lobby when it gets count. Both names show stats.

  5. tmax Says:

    the control panel shows the ‘block join in progress’ option enabled, although it is not enabled (and cannot be enabled, yet)

  6. TheDukester Says:

    Two animation notes:

    1. Healer never showed up for me at all;

    2. Anti-Matter seems to have Reincarnator’s sound effects.

  7. AP Says:

    I just played about 10 games in a row where the aliens were always Macron – Oracle – Warrior – Clone, in that order.

    Also, in our most recent game, after pods were revealed for the final encounter, the outcome results were not displayed, and all ships returned to bases as if I hadn’t won the game, and the game went on.

    Oh, and I tried doing a Room Alien game for Healer just to see if he’d appear then… the game wouldn’t even start. Nothing happened when I hit start.

  8. AP Says:

    Correction: Ships were removed from game, not returned to bases.

  9. TheDukester Says:

    July 2: Rooms 1 and 2 are pretty much broken tonight. It’s difficult to even begin games there, and those that do begin feature only aliens from the free six.

  10. Peter Says:

    Mrics are not clearing properly from rooms

  11. LENNY Says:

    ive tried to log in under my screen name and it wont let me.

    also when i log in as a guest i cant play.

  12. tmax Says:

    the game is back up, but nobody’s playing; is that a bug? đŸ˜‰

  13. pgocosmic Says:

    Special Set players show up as underlined in game after JOIN with 2918834 days

  14. tmax Says:

    this is an old bug, I think; i’ve seen its like before if not this instance; multi-edict/power timing causes glitches.

    i’m sorcerer being challenged by pacifist; trip and filch ally with him (not that i think that matters) – I play an n, then switch causing my zap to enable. I wait to play it on pac once he ‘plays’ then. By the time it’s done, pac’s power doesn’t ‘go off’, but still it counts as a win for pac, n to the 10 i swapped for.

    Like some of the stuff with vulch and emo, i almost expected it to happen, but it still sucks.

  15. tmax Says:

    … next challenge i repeated the experiment, just to be sure it would happen again. bleh

  16. AP Says:

    We had a similar instance with Empath’s power not “going off” but still working the other day, Tmax.

    Also, I’ve noticed that the Games Now Playing counter usually miscounts. I think what it is doing is counting another game when a player Joins.

  17. davidmont Says:

    Played a game as sorcerer. First glitch was not letting me select my attack pod, then when I tried to switch it started to switch, then I lost server connection. I tried to get back in, but couldn’t.

  18. TheDukester Says:

    Peter, following up from our earlier talk: I had two games where Ghost-like abilities appeared when Ghost wasn’t in the game, specifically, the numbers disappearing on pod+ship totals. But it might have just been temporary, since I’ve played at least four times today and haven’t seen it.

  19. AP Says:

    Quite a few players have noted the Ghost effect. I’ve seen it quite a few times but not since the memory upgrade.

  20. LENNY Says:

    yah im currently in 3 rooms at once and it wont let me play another game i cant even start a game it just gets stuck on the beaming in screen.

  21. TheDukester Says:

    Combos are back! Woot! Combos, FTW.

    Not currently searchable, though … and that’s a lot to wade through.

  22. tmax Says:

    when joining a game (with new member tallguy2241 in progress against three bots). Before entering the room i neglected to record what powers there were, but apparently tallguy was only Brat _when I sat down_, he was actually Reincarnator, and from then on acted as such, losing the Brat and becoming and using Sorcerer and Loser, at least, all the while continuing to appear as Brat on my screen.

    Far as I can tell that’s a glitch, but you know me, I’ve been known to mistake a couple features for bugs, so I guess that’s up to you guys. It was otherwise well behaved, after all, but apparently, Reincarnator shows up as the power it is when you’ve joined for the rest of the game. At least it did this time. Repeats?

  23. AP Says:

    This happens every time I join a Reincarnator game, actually, so there are definitely repeats. It produces some amusing results though!

  24. tmax Says:

    Incidentally, the JOIN IN PROGRESS screen should say you will join at the next CHALLENGE or TURN, depending on which it is, rather than the next ROUND, which would mean a round of turns.

    – tmax, who has always been an annoying stickler for nomenclature

  25. Fidd Says:

    Is the Forum ever coming back?

  26. pgocosmic Says:

    Fidd and Duke…did you get my Forum reply? I emailed you and attached the old forum data file so maybe it got stuck in junk mail/ I was having trouble getting the new forum to accept the old data. I gave you a log in and PW for the new forum.

  27. Fidd Says:

    I didn’t get anything. When was it sent? Actually, most forum stuff goes directly to bulk with me because of all of the “new user” alerts I was getting. And, big attachments might not get stored. Can u resend via your regular acct.? I’ll recheck my email and make sure I don’t have a attachment block set.

  28. pgocosmic Says:

    fidd email me directly so that I have your current email.

  29. TheDukester Says:

    There might be some end-of-the-month problems:

    1. Combos are not working. I tried five different times in five different rooms;

    2. The leaderboard is “off,” so to speak. The most recent game I just played was not added to July and there’s no entries at all for August yet. My record says 0-0 despite having played.

  30. Peter Says:


    Bill has to fix the rollover script to the new month.

  31. AP Says:

    Is the game still in testing like the banner says? If so, what is left to fix?
    I assume you guys are busy with the final touches on the upcoming board game release, which I’m more excited about, but just curious as to the state of the online game since it’s been so quiet here.

  32. pgocosmic Says:

    Still messing with return to lobby after joining, so we are keeping the banner up. Bill and I are giving it another whack today and /or tomorrow.

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