Intelenet ISP Problem

A problem at our ISP  (Intelenet) has temporarily blocked access to Cosmic. We are working with them on it.

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12 Comments on “Intelenet ISP Problem”

  1. pgocosmic Says:

    They had to yank the 2 drives and mail them to us. We have to get someone to recover the data and then get a new server set up if we can get the info all back. Then we might change ISPs so it could be a while. But we will return. 🙂

  2. Sharkjaw Says:

    The forums are down, too. Spam accounts galore, over 150.

  3. pgocosmic Says:

    When we get our new ISP set we will move the forms there and see if we can kill the spam.

    We have the site established….

  4. Fidd Says:

    Are spam accounts still getting added? I’m getting notices of “New User Account” from the forum’s automailer.

  5. pgocosmic Says:

    Probably…but I don’t see them since our server went down. We will move this to our new site as soon as we can to see if we can cut the spam. We need one of those code verification text fields to stop the spam.

  6. Fidd Says:

    I was thinking the same thing if yer talking about those “enter the text below” where they have the box with the warped characters (that humans can read but not bots), and the registree(?) has to reproduce for entry. Was gonna suggest it myself once the forums were up again. Ran into one of those again last weekend when I registered on a site, and it occured to me that such a thing might help a lot with our problem with bogus users.

  7. pgocosmic Says:

    Yes that’s what I meant. If you happen to run across how we integrate that into the forum post it up- Or maybe we just need to get a different forum package. One way or the other… Bill is taking the CE hard drives to a guy this afternoon to see what we can get off them.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Fidd, I was getting so many of those that I eventually just disabled the “email me” link. It was out of control.

    But, as Peter says, adding new tech will help (those are called “CAPTCHA’s, by the way), so maybe you won’t need to worry about it.

  9. TheDukester Says:

    Crap, sorry about the “anonymous” above. That was me.

  10. Fidd Says:

    I have the “New User Account” alert going straight to email bulk folder (keep a week then kill).

    I saw a couple simple CAPTCHA-type mods on the phpBB community forum. One example is that a simple mandatory question is added to the registration form “Are you human (y/n)?” or “What is 1+1?” Most bots aren’t programmed to answer and are thus denied.

  11. pgocosmic Says:

    That might be fine – –we should get our hard drives back from the recover process today. Bill will take a peek to see where we are.

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