XBOX Live Arcade Cosmic

I am testing  the first demo version of the  XBOX Live Arcade Cosmic. It’s running on my PC. I had to spring for an XBOX controller. Looks very nice. Pretty spotty play-wise in this early iteration.

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5 Comments on “XBOX Live Arcade Cosmic”

  1. animorpherv1 Says:

    Cool! (Now only if I could get an Xbox360……)

  2. AP Says:

    I will wait patiently in hopes of a Wii iteration, but I will try to make anyone I know with a 360 get it in the mean time. Good to hear there’s been progress!

  3. Bioball Says:

    Wow, this is great news. I thought I was excited about the FantasyFlight version, but now this development and a few games I really want might make me purchase an XBOX 360

  4. pgocosmic Says:

    We hope to show some 360 screens as it gets further along in the process.

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