AP Wins 2007 Cosmic Online Best Player

AP takes home the 2007 Cosmic Encounter Online title amassing 289,898 m-rics. AP’s top 10 aliens were Loser, Dictator, Empath, Philanthropist, Virus, Warpish, Calculator, Sorcerer, Anti-Matter and Reincarnator. AP joins Knightshadow as Anti-Matter (06), Mystique as Mutant (05), Barrok as Empath (04) and Lonely Moon as Vulch (03) as a Yearly Winner Elite Player.The Cosmic Aliens have decided to send AP his choice of merchandise from the Cosmic Online Store.2007 Runners up were Anfauglir with 176,357  as Void, subby with 164,657 as Warrior and tmax with 150,910 as Reincarnator.  Annual runners up will get 8.5 x 11 autographed Glossies of their best alien.

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2 Comments on “AP Wins 2007 Cosmic Online Best Player”

  1. AP Says:

    Even my greatest achievements, it is still obvious that I am a Loser at heart.

    I’ll take a Loser mug to remember this year by! Thanks!!!

  2. pgocosmic Says:

    Here on Cape Cod we say “Loosah”

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