Join in Progress Continued

FIH vs FIHBill has fixed the chat bug in JOIN IN PROGRESS games and may have fixed the buggy PAUSE button as a bonus. The alien power panels are working and now we are after the JOIN player wanting to choose ITSELF as the defensive player… see above. In this game I took over for FIH BOT and on a subsequent turn DESTINY sent me to myself.

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3 Comments on “Join in Progress Continued”

  1. AP Says:

    Wait, when was I part of testing? Interesting picture…

  2. pgocosmic Says:

    We live in a parallel universe where we can control we survey 🙂 You had fun, don’t you remember?

  3. Sharkjaw Says:

    What’s this? “lkdhskhf” Are you spamming your own game?! what is the world coming to?

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