Some of the ‘cosmic mysteries’ which happen to the JOIN player that we will be working on on Fri and Sat of this week on Bill’s development server:

  • When JOIN takes over for REI it stays as the first alien that it became for the whole game.
  • Why is JOIN as Calculator not getting its Equalize panel?
  • Why is JOIN not able to return to lobby from game? (Although lobby ‘sees’ the Joiner in the lobby.)

As soon as we get JOIN in decent shape we will push it up to the Future Pastimes cosmic server and let you guys see what Cosmic Mysteries you can find scattered among the 52,360 combos 🙂HOW JOIN IN PROGRESS WILL WORK

  •  Lobby players will see JOIN buttons in the tables that have games that in progress.
  • GUESTS and FREE players will see them only in the FREE rooms and only if there is a bot playing as one of the 6 free aliens.
  • SPECIAL and  DELUXE players will see JOIN in the FREE rooms only if there is a bot playing that is in their sets of 15  or 20 aliens.
  • MEMBERS will see JOIN if there is a bot playing in any game in any room.
  • Once a player clicks JOIN , they see the ‘Aliens Beaming In…” screen. We will edit this screen to also say something like: “If you are joining a game in progress, you will stay here until the game ends its current turn, then you will be in the game. The players in the game already see you are on the way, but the Bot is still playing during the transition.”…
  • The JOIN button goes away from the Lobby perspective while a player is waiting on the beaming in screen.


  • At some point a WIN for a JOIN player will be counted as a SAVE and worth less points than a WIN for an initial player.
  • A captain’s option to disallow JOIN – the default will be that JOIN is always allowed.
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  1. AP Says:

    The REI bug kinda makes sense… but that Calculator one is just bizarre.

    Looking forward to it!

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