NezMaster Wins September

Nezmaster with 10,333 m-rics as Loser
whizzard with 8,620 m-rics as Warpish
TheDukester with 8,035 m-rics as Philanthropist
AP with 7,649 m-rics as Healer

Note: We are now showing Special and Deluxe players in rank (they have always been in behind the scenes), but are still reserving prizes for the top 4 full members. Thus AP in 5th place was 4th best member behind steph.

Best Alien, Philanthropist with 621 m-rics by TheDukester
Best Bot, Sorcerer with 608 m-rics

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3 Comments on “NezMaster Wins September”

  1. The Dukester Says:

    Hah, AP, despite your best efforts, you still manage to get another glossy!

    And thank God I didn’t get another print of Mind — two is enough! I’m looking forward to welcoming Phil. into my home.

  2. AP Says:

    You win some, you win some…

  3. Sharkjaw Says:

    You can’t have too many mind glossies.

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