Board Game Online Connections

We are looking for clever ways to cross promote the new Fantasy Flight Cosmic Encounter board game and Cosmic Online. Aliens that you can use online that only come in the boardgame? Tournament prizes? Online time for buying the board game? Aliens from online that are in the boardgame? Weigh in! Board game release will be in summer of 2008.

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17 Comments on “Board Game Online Connections”

  1. The Donkey Says:

    Online time for buying the board game is a very good idea, as it encourages board game buyers to play the online game as well. Online aliens that can be used only by boardgame buyers also helps this, but may be seen as unfair by some members of the online community.

    None of the online-only aliens seemed particularly memorable to me, except for the Tripler, and Dork and Brat would be impossible to include in the board game.

  2. AP Says:

    You should find a way to incorporate “The Lottery” in the board game. Then no one will ever call it a BUG again!

  3. The Dukester Says:

    The most obvious one appears to be a card for something like a reduced rate for the various alien sets or maybe a limited-time offer (play all 35 for a week or somrthing like that).

    I like having online aliens included; I’ve come close to just making cards for Triper, Sapient, etc., on my onw time. It would be an added bonus if you could get FFG to add a line at the bottom of the card that said something like “this alien originally appeared at CEO” with the web address included.

    A third possibility is that FFG might take a shot at including a couple of original aliens that they come up with. If that happens, those should be coded as quickly as possible over at CEO.

  4. Michael Says:

    Cards for limited time access work well for Days of Wonder and should be great for CEO. Promotional aliens (paper, to use for the boardgame) that can only be had by participating in tournaments would promote the game in both directions.

    Extra aliens could also be put in magazines, given out at cons and so forth. I’m sure that there will be lots of leftover alien ideas that could be handled this way. CE aliens are cool — if I received one then I’d want to look up the game. With CEO, FFG’s standard online rules, session reports on BGG and so forth it would be a short step (in any of those directions) to buying into the game.

    Will terminology match between CEO and the new paper version?

  5. pgocosmic Says:

    Good directions. I wil keep everyone up to date as Fantasy Flight begins development.

  6. The Warp Says:

    You should absolutely have some flyer (or at least a blurb in the rules) promoting the online experience. Adding in other incentives for people that buy the board game to join CEO. Perhaps the other way around too… some incentive for people already playing CEO to go buy the board game version as well (access to a new alien that will be included in the board game version as it is encoded onto CEO, or one of the many other ideas already posted).

  7. pgocosmic Says:

    Anyone have more info on how the Worlds of Wonder cards for limited time access work?

  8. The Dukester Says:

    WoW’s cards all have a unique code. When the buyer goes to their site and punches in the code, he/she is awarded with a few months of access to WoW’s online games, including access to rankings and other membership benefits. I’ve done it three times, myself, and it’s pretty straitforward.

    Also, depending on how the game is printed, the code is often found on the back page of the rulebook, not on a separate card. But it’s the same difference.

  9. The Dukester Says:

    LOL — it’s actually DAYS of Wonder … I knew something didn’t look right.

  10. jameswillisisthebest Says:

    This is my first post
    just saying HI

  11. Diseris Says:

    Maybe you can use some of this…

    You could market CEO to game store retailers, offering them a premium or a cut for members signing up to play. This would particularly effective in stores with an in-store lan setup. You could market to the GAMA list, as well as any other retailer lists you may be able to access. Send a letter introducing CEO and announcing the dates for XBLA and the board game. In the letter, make strong reference to the web-site. On the website home page, make a banner for “Retailers make money selling CEO.” Link this to a site set-up for retailers to register and get the retailer setup, something akin to a membership. Set up a retailer package, perhaps a poster with the store’s registration number and a gimme or two, and send it out to the registrants after authentication.

    Follow the initial letter up with a call from a plesant sounding female for those who did not respond. She should familiarize the game store owner/operators with Cosmic Encounter and CEO and prompt them to sign-up at the website, then thank the retailer for his or her time.

    A month or two before the release of the board game, which is hopefully to coorespond with GENcon, Dragoncon, or the like, start a tournament to win the privilege of being the first to play the game, the night before its slated release, i.e., if GENcon runs on a friday/saturday, hold the tournament final friday. Allow stores to run games for the tournament throughout the month, with a minimum of four players. Let them play any version and have their retailer log their points on the web for all to see. Also run a coinciding tournament on CEO and combine the points won live with the points won through the boardgame. You could make it any points gained on CEO count toward the tournament points, rather than having special nights for it, that should encourage strong CEO participation.

    The top 400 or so players should be invited to the big finale at the con, hopefully enough will show to make it interesting. Adding a rule that the finale can be filled by stand-in players/next 400 players if the place isn’t filled. That will allow you to throw a morning tournament to get additional players to fill up the play space, thus adding to the hype.

    You could offer prizes for best store points, best CEO points, most bases (max 4), most wins, highest win percentage (meeting minimum play requirements), most sales of CEO (retailer site only), most points in a day.

    Follow this up with a big day tournament at the con the day you introduce the game, and have game stores register and enter their results and give more prizes away for games played that day. Allow CEO players to add their results into the fray, but only playing the “board game alien set” on CEO. Getting the flyer for CEO.

    Hail Eris!

  12. Diseris Says:

    Forgot the three part banner 1.CEO 2. Board game 3. Tournament/retailer incentives. Post it everywhere…

  13. Diseris Says:

    The lottery could be added to the board game using an edict that allows a player to discard his or hand then draw 7 more pods. A bit of the same effect anyway, suprise pods.

  14. AP Says:

    That’d be neat. I was thinking more of a random thing. Die roll. Coin flip. Maybe destiny flip, and if your own color is flipped, you can go again. Or even have lottery numbers you draw in the beginning of the game, then a copy of the same numbers you can draw at the end of your turn to see if you win 🙂

  15. animorpherv1 Says:

    People who own the game become a member at no cost?

  16. Peter Says:

    We will have some sort of benefit for people who byu the board agme. Perhaps the DELUXE set of 20 online aliens.

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