The Intelenet Story

The following update was added to this ticket:

Dear InteleNet Customer,

Starting Friday, March 30th, InteleNet experienced a number of very
sophisticated Internet-wide DDOS attacks, including TCP SYN, HTTP flood,
UDP flood, etc., to some of our network infrastructure. The attacks
were directed to our different infrastructure devices such as routers,
DNS server, Mail servers, etc. Also, some of our customers were
directly targeted. As our engineers worked to mitigate and block each
attack, the type, magnitude, and the destination of each new attack
changed so additional countermeasures had to be put in place.

Over the last few days, InteleNet engineers in conjunction with our
network vendors such as Cisco and some of our IPS providers we were able
to block the attacks and start working in infrastructure changes to
allow better protection of potential vulnerable public services.

InteleNet, its engineering staff, and security consultants have been
working around the clock to rectify these problems and have been able to
stabilize the network. You can be certain that this attack was
immediately escalated to InteleNet’s highest level and that it availed
itself of every possible resource to solve these serious attacks.

In going forward, we have also been working with our security and
network vendors to quickly deploy the latest technology in preventing
DDOS attacks as well as a major upgrade of our network infrastructure
with the latest Cisco equipment. InteleNet is reviewing additional
infrastructure and security solutions that will ensure that any future
attacks do not compromise our network. You will receive additional
communications in the next few weeks on when you can except these major
network upgrades.

On a personal note, I know these issues have had an impact on your
business and I am very sensitive to the nature of that impact. I want
to give you my personal assurance that I, and InteleNet, take these
issues extremely seriously and it is our absolute highest priority to
increase the resilience of our network so issues like this are kept to
an absolute minimum.


Mark E. Towfiq
President & CEO
InteleNet Communications, Inc.

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