Annual State of the 2006 Cosmos at Cosmic Encounter Online

Annual State of the 2006 Cosmos at Cosmic Encounter Online

The aliens report.

Mind knowingly reveals the number of 2006 Cosmic Encounter Online games at 121,527.
Calculator corrects that 58,189 games of Cosmic Encounter Online were completed.
Loser is upset that games 63,338 were not completed.
Sapient wisely contributes that 25,736 players came in to play.
Parasite notes over 1,000 links to Cosmic Encounter Online on the web.
Philanthropist offers that over 60 prizes! were given to monthly and league winners.
Filch steals the floor to remind us that 4 Members Leagues were held in its room.
Will sails in announcing that it was added as alien 33.
Ghost howls, that it arrived as well, bringing the alien total to 34.
Tripler figures that unique alien combos have tripled twice to reach 46,376.
Virus lauds the new Room Alien feature allowing players to select it into their game.
Brat throws a fit because players use the new Pick Your Combo feature to avoid it.
Void likes the new Room Graphics where it anchors the lobby at Room 36, Voids Hole.
Anti Matter congratulates Knightshadow for winning 2006 as…Anti Matter.
Pacifist peacefully reminds us that it was top alien as played by players.
Empath harmoniously adds that it was the best Bot.
Sorcerer chants that TheDukester’s Blogmic Encounter is pure magic.
Trader hypes the hundreds of good merchandisedeals at the Cosmic Store.
Martian declares all the other aliens are phonies. However…
Oracle foresees a great 2007

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3 Comments on “Annual State of the 2006 Cosmos at Cosmic Encounter Online”

  1. steven Says:

    its cool

  2. steven Says:

    its cool i haveint realy tryed it yet lol

  3. AP Says:

    i havent either lollollol

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