Cosmic Encounter Online Winners Febuary 2007

Cosmic Encounter Online COSCOR winner for Feburary 2007 (envelope please):
Top player: AP as DictatorAP as Dictator (nice likeness?)

Top alien as played by players: Machine by Subby
Top Bot: Sorcerer

Supporting cast: Subby as Machine, Anfauglir as Machine and mojoshivers as Vulch.
Get here details at Player Rank.

Subby made a run at AP same as last month, but still came up short. The aliens predict a big Subby effort in March. (Not that REVENGE is ever a motivation in Cosmic.)

Winners take home the coveted autographed glossy picture of their alien. Glossies are sent out quarterly.

The aliens are still waiting with baited breath (at least those that even have breath) for tmax to put out details for his SPRING LEAGUE. Once agin the aliens have decided that a COSMIC T-Shirt of choice will be awarded the to League winner. With 4×6 Glossies to the 3 runners-up.

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