Will and Dictator …Together Again

Will and Dictator are together again. But now, Dictator power does not enable when Will is the Offensive player. It can saileth where it wanteth.

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3 Comments on “Will and Dictator …Together Again”

  1. AP Says:

    Hooray! I’m lovin’ it.

    I just noticed a small “bug” (hard to call it that) that Dukester said he had witnessed, too:
    If Will BOT runs out of encounter pods before his second encounter, he will subsequently choose his next opponent anyway… though the game follows it up by saying his turn is over.

    Haven’t seen this with a human player as Will yet, but I’ll try to test it out. Also, Dictator was NOT in the game I saw it in, but WAS in Duke’s game.

    Not like this matters at all, but in case you care… letting you know, haha. It’s actually kinda funny to see in action.

  2. pgocosmic Says:

    Does play pass or does willbot get new pods?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    is good!

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