WILL and Dictator …Can’t Happen Thanks to amatecon

amatecon eamils: “As for Will/Dictator, something definitely needs to be done.  Is there any other alien combo that works like that?  I.e., the presence of one completely negates the other?  I’d prefer that Will just be immune to Dictator or, like the board game, be given the ability to pick any base, not just the bases of the system’s owner.”

Our response: For now we made it so they will NEVER be in the same random game. It was my fault (Peter) that they were still in together. Bill wanted it out and I disagreed, preferring to make players struggle. But that was a bad idea. Now the ONLY way you can get them together is to play Sarry’s Whose Boss combo – which overrides the exclusion.

Other players have pushed for this and (of course) you were all correct! Does anyone know what OTHER exclusions there are 🙂

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One Comment on “WILL and Dictator …Can’t Happen Thanks to amatecon”

  1. AP Says:

    Other exclusions:
    What about Oracle versus Sorceror or Calculator?

    Well, Oracle’s power works there, but not normally, as it reveals Oracle’s pod to the other player for some reason.

    Anyway, glad Dic/Wil’s fixed. You guys have been busy!

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