Christmas ‘Room Alien’ League Cosmic T-shirt for the Winner

Christmas League

Hosted by AP

Cosmic T-shirt of your choice for the Winner
Pick your shirt NOW – you Know you will WIN!

Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM Pacific (League will be open for a 2-hour timeslot, so join us at any time).

League begins this Thursday (the 21st) and will continue for four weeks, followed by a finals week

League Schedule

WEEK 1: Thursday, Dec. 21; and Saturday, Dec. 23
WEEK 2: Thursday, Dec. 28; and Saturday, December 30
WEEK 3: Thursday, Jan. 4; and Saturday Jan. 6
WEEK 4: Thursday, Jan. 11; and Saturday, Jan. 13
FINALS: Thursday, Jan. 18; AND/OR Saturday, Jan. 20

1. Each night I will choose an alien to be the Room Alien. If you’re not familiar with this, it is a feature on the captain’s panel that guarantees one particular alien to be in the game. All games will take place in that room for that night (not always a league room, but never a free-player room… that only rules out 6 aliens). If we have four games or more going on at once, there will be a designated Overflow Room which will be an adjacent room (for ease of record-keeping) that I also choose for players to play in. The rooms will not be announced in advance, so be ready for anything!

2. Each player can play 6 games per week (all in one night, or split up between Thursday and Saturday).

3. Solo wins only.

4. Members Only (Join for just 99 cents any night to play)

5. I will assign players to a particular table in the chosen room of the night. I will first assign the captain in one announcement, so I can make sure he is familiar with how to start a Room Alien Game before the game begins. Once that is settled, I’ll assign the other three players. It will be pretty simple, saving time and limiting confusion.

6. I will be the madman orchestrating the madness, but I will not participate in games myself. My computer can’t handle two game windows at once right now without significantly slowing down.

7. I’ve reduced the timeslot of league to 2 hours because I rarely see games still going after 2 hours; however, if games are still in demand after the time limit, I’ll consider keeping the doors open. It will depend on circumstances, so I make no promises there. 2 hours is more than enough time to get three games in, and then you can get the other half of your limit the next week. But like I said, I’ll be flexible with the time limit.

8. Finalists will be determined as the two players with the most wins and the two players with the best win percentage (8 game minimum to qualify for percentage win).

9. Finally, the finals. I want you people to really go at it, so it will not be a one-game final. Instead, it will be a series of games. The first player to win two games will be crowned the league champion.
The finals will begin on the Thursday at normal league time. There will be no negotiation of this. After two games, if no one has won two yet, the players will be given the option to finish it on the Sunday or to continue now. The longest the finals could possibly last is 5 games. If anyone leaves before the second game is completed, or if anyone does not show up at all, a runner-up will substitute for him permanently.

10. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the finals or league in general, let me know and I’ll edit this post to clarify it for everyone. Past league hosts/participants, did I leave anything out?

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One Comment on “Christmas ‘Room Alien’ League Cosmic T-shirt for the Winner”

  1. AP Says:

    I really rambled on and on in that description of the league. If you’re looking for something more concise, check out the updated info at the forums here:

    None of the facts have changed. It’s just shorter, clearer, and easier to read.

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