Cosmic xbox live arcade proposal for alien six packs

With all 14 six packs there are 1,929,501 different 4 player aliens combos.

Free 6 Pack
Clone – power to replicate KEEPS OWN ENCOUNTER POD
Macron – power of mass EACH SHIP WORTH 4
Oracle – power to foresee FORESEES OPPONENT’S POD
Trader – power to trade TRADES PODS WITH OPPONENT
Warrior – power of mastery GAINS EXPERIENCE POINTS
Zombie – power of immortality NEVER GOES TO WARP

Smart 6 Pack
Calculator – power to equalize REDUCES HIGHER ATTACK POD
Mind – power of knowledge SEES OTHER PLAYERS’ PODS
Plant – power to graft COLLECTS OTHER ALIEN POWERS
Tripler – power of thrice. LOW PODS TRIPLE / HIGH PODS 1/3
Will – power of choice NOT CONTROLLED BY DESTINY

Nasty 6 Pack
Anti-Matter – power of negation LOWER TOTAL WINS
Dictator – power to command. CONTROLS DESTINY
Martian – power of reality STOPS OPPONENT’S POWER
Void – power to eradicate ERADICATES OPPONENTS’ SHIPS
Virus – power to multiply MULTIPLIES SHIPS X POD
Witch – power to curse CASTS SPELLS

Ally 6 Pack
Crystal – power of arrangement TELLS ALLIES NUMBER TO COMMIT
Diplomat – power to negotiate CAN DO 3 WAY DEALS
Grudge – power of revenge PEANLIZES FOR REFUSING TO ALLY
Magnet – power to attract or repel ATTRACTS OR REPELS ALLIES
Parasite – power to infest JOINS ALLIANCE AT WILL
Sapient – power of wisdom ADDS WISDOM POINTS

Ugly 6 Pack
Demon – power to possess MAY REPLACE OFFENSIVE PLAYER
Disease – power to spread SPREADS T OTHER PLANETS
Extortionist – power to extort GETS HALF OF ALL NEW PODS
Filth – power to reek DRIVES OTHERS’ SHIPS AWAY
Mite – power to cut down to size.DEMANDS COLONY OR LOSS OF PODS
Silencer – power to silence TURNS OTHERS MICS OFF

Bizzarro 6 Pack
Brat – power of impatience MOVES GAME TO NEXT STEP
Changling – power to change form SWITCHES POWER WITH OPPONENT
Chronos – power of time travel CAN REPLY ENCOUNTER
Dork – power to annoy. BLOCKS OPPNENT ALIEN
Reincarnator – power to reincarnate USES POWERS NOT IN GAME
Schizoid – power to alter reality CHANGES GOAL OF GAME

Helpful 6 Pack
Butler – power to wait upon GETS REWARDS FOR TASKS
Empath – power of harmony CHANGES ATTACK TO NEGOTIATE
Force – power to be with HELPS OTHERS
Healer – power to heal. SAVES OTHERS’ SHIPS FROM WARP
Pacifist – power of peace WINS WITH NEGOTIATE POD
Philanthropist – power of giving GIVES AWAY PODS

Greedy 6 Pack
Cousin – power of family BORROWS FROM OTHER COUSINS
Machine – power to continue CAN CONTINUE TURN
Mutant – power to regenerate – ALWAYS HAS 7 PODS
Snivler – power to whine CATCHES UP WHEN BEHIND
Filch – power of theft TAKES OPPONENT’S USED POD
Vulch – power to salvage COLLECTS USED EDICTS

Supernatural 6 Pack
Doppleganger – power to haunt BORROWS PODS TO PLAY
Ghost – power of invisibility SHIPS ARE INVISIBLE
Prophet – power to predict PREDICTS ENCOUNTER WINNER
Seeker – power of truth ASKS YES OR NO QUESTION
Sorcerer – power of magic CAN SWITCH LAUNCHED PODS
Visionary – power of perception DICTATES ENCOUNTER POD

Tricky 6 Pack
Amoeba – power to ooze UNLIMITES SHIP MOVEMENT
Gambler – power to bluff BLUFFS ABOUT ENCOUNTER POD
Insect – power of metamorhisis COPIES OPPONENT’S POWER
Negator – power to reverse REVERSES DECISIONS
Skeptic – power to doubt DOUBLES RISKOF CHALLENGE

Chaotic 6 Pack
Fungus – power to adhere ATTACHES TO OTHERS’ SHIPS
Loser – power of upset LOSER WINS AND WINNER LOSES
Laser – power to blind MAKES OPPONENT PLAY BLIND
Siren – power to lure ENTICES ALIENS
Vacuum – power to suck SUCKS OTHER ALIENS’ SHIPS TO WARP
Boomerang – power to return RE-ENCOUNTERS OFFNENSE

Egotistical 6 Pack
Aristocrat – power of privilege PICKS OWN PODS
Boss – power to intimidate SELECTS LOSING SHIPS
Delegator – power to delegate ASSIGNS MAIN PLAYER
Mesmer – power of mass hypnosis CAN ALTER OWN ARTIFACTS
Warpish – power of necromancy ADDS SHIPS IN WARP

Merchant 6 Pack
Assessor – power to tax TAXES USE OF MOTHERSHIP
Dragon – power of treasure GETS M-RIC PAYMENTS
Hurtz – power to lease LEASES GAME RESOURCES
Lloyd – power to insure PROTECTS PLAYERS’ SHIPS
Miser – power to hoard GETS SECOND SET OF PODS
Pirate – power to raid RAIDS OTHERS’ M-RICS

Surprise 6 Pack
Accumulator – power to stash HOLDS EXCESS POINTS
Aura – power of honesty MAKES OTHERS REVEAL PODS
Booby – power to booby trap LEAVES BOOBY TRAPS ON PLANETS
Counterfeiter – power to forge MAKES FAKE PODS
Extremist – power of excess N= 30; ATTACKS = N
Politician – power to waffle ALLYS WITH BOTH SIDES

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One Comment on “Cosmic xbox live arcade proposal for alien six packs”

  1. AP Says:

    New aliens! New aliens!

    I’m not sure what the purpose of the “packs” is. X-box players can buy aliens in packs?

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