Sarry’s Combo League Starting next Thursday 19th October


Host: Sarry!
Time: Thursday and Sundays 9pmEST/6pm Pacific 3 hour slot.

Starting next Thursday 19th October

Week 1: Thu 19 Oct, Sun 22 Oct
Week 2: Thu 26 Oct, Sun 29 Oct
Week 3: Thu 2 Nov, Sun 5 Nov
Week 4: Thu 9 Nov, Sun 12 Nov
Final: Thu 16 November 10pmEST/7pm Pacific

1. Same model as TheDukesters. Why fix something that ain’t broken? Go here to see last leagues model, results etc.
2. Running 4 weeks two sessions a week Thursday and Fridays 9pmEST for three hours.
3. I will be posting all results via here and Blogmic Encounter with help of TheDukester rather than my own site. I dont want to confuse everyone with another site to visit!!!!
4. Members Only
5. Set combo for the night
6. Same ranking system…win and percentages top two of each for entry to finals. Minumum 10 games to qualify for %.
7. Maximum 6 games each week.
8. I know Halloween is soon upon us, so if you can please at least notify me of who you are normally if I dont already know, or undress from your halloween costume just for league, would be greatly appreciated.
9. I think it would be a good idea if everyone could provide email or IM contact incase I need to contact them re league and final in the event u made it that far, lol. email me, AIM SarryC MSN SarryC or Yahoo SarryR. I recall the difficulty Dukester had in getting VexAngel for last league final….
10. I will assign games, blah blah you know the drill by now!
11. Solo wins, 4 player where possible.

Lastly, spread the word everyone! And encourage those free players to get a 99center to participate!

Have fun battling the cosmos till then, and see you at league Thursday 19th October 9pmEST. Be there or be quashed.

If you win, you’ll be sure of worship from all of the galactic universe and all aliens forever!!! Awesome!! Plus autographed Glossy Print of your aliens for the top 4 finishers.

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