For the XBOX Pitch

Gameplay Summary: — Please provide 60 seconds of a detailed moment-to-moment walk-through of the core game experience. Tell us what the player is seeing (camera POV and camera movements), what they are actually doing (with the controller and their in-game persona), and what they are thinking (what are their goals, what are their immediate concerns).

After hanging in the Cosmic Lobby with your friends for a bit you pop into the top game room with them. As Captain, you quickly select for COMBO and search for the game you added to the preferred combo list last night. You named it “Out of Sight”. It features the LASER, power to blind; the GHOST, power of invisibility, the SORCERER power of magic, and the VOID, power of eradication.

You hit START. The Cosmic startup theme blares and your screen dissolves to the Cosmic Arena. You see your fiery red retro LASER console with its complement of PODS. Not bad! Range of 6 – 23 with a couple of Negotiates. A Cosmic Zap rests in your Artifact queue.

Your four home planets form a curved ring in the foreground of the viewscreen. Beyond, the three other aliens, SORCERER, VOID and GHOST twitch, spin and hover out in the black starry space beyond. Invisible, the Ghost shows no ships at all on its home worlds.

You are chosen by Destiny to go first against the dreaded VOID. You must win this or your ships will be eradicated forever. The Mothership materializes in your viewscreen and you boldly commit a full complement of four ships. The ships are auto launched one each from your four home planets. You select the left planet of the VOID. Selecting to the left is a long established superstition you’ve developed over many games. Simultaneously you solicit the SORCERER and the GHOST to help out as your allies (touting your power to blind the VOID) to give them some backbone.

“He won’t see a thing. He’s got to play random when I blind him – the odds are with us.” You try to sound 100% sure of a win and SORCERER ponies up with 4 ships which come zooming over and attach to your Mothership with a resounding CLANK. “All in” says Sarah.

The GHOST remains silent as though adding the power of MUTE to its invisibility. Did it ally? No way of knowing.

The GHOST wails tauntingly as its power of invisibility is invoked. At that, your COSMIC ZAP glows and emits a short mini-zap to let you know its enabled. No point in zapping GHOST this early in the game. If you did zap it you would simply see 16 ships across the GHOST’s home planets.

The Encounter is at hand. You know you have at least 8 points with your 4 ships and the Sorcerer’s 4. GHOST is an unknown and VOID has the standard 4 defending on the defensive mothership.

Your LASER automatically fires up its powerful beam seeming to fry the VOID by painting the spinning black hole in a searing rainbow of colors. Jake who is playing VOID laughs hysterically as the random pod is plucked from his console.

“That can’t be good.” you think.

Bad bad opening! Your lased the 30 POD! VOID has done you and SORCERER in. GHOST is still an unknown. Was it on defense and about to be eradicated with you and SORCERER? Or is it getting defensive rewards FOR HELPING VOID?

The VOID gurgles and burps into its Eradication sequence as your ships and SORCERER’s are yanked off the mothership and last seen spiraling into the gaping maw that is VOID. Twenty-five percent of your ships gone forever on the first encounter!

But wait! Your ZAP glows eligibility and emits its mini-zap audio as the VOID uses its power.

“Yes! Yes!” You immediately select ZAP and the electrostatic charge of the Cosmic Zap bolts from your console stunning the VOID senseless. Your ships are saved, albeit sent to the WARP since you lost. But at least you salvaged a shred of dignity.

Play passes to SORCERER who is muttering under her breath about the worthless LASER. You acknowledge the mutter and promise to do better next time. And that’s the thing. in Cosmic there is always a next time and always a last chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Or not.

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5 Comments on “For the XBOX Pitch”

  1. AP Says:

    Even though the only difference I can see from this description is that the animation may be better, the language sounds so exciting that I want it now. Great writing.

  2. The Dukester Says:

    Hey, it makes me want to play this crazy game. Oh, wait, I ALREADY play it … hmmm.

    Good work; very evocative writing.

  3. Sarry Says:

    Wow…thats all I can say really….wow!!!!
    Ok so I might have written a couple of reviews for local publications in my area over here in australia years ago now, but your makes how I write look like primary school stuff….
    Me and Mark are actually spewing that we didnt buy an xbox when they were on sale recently!!!
    Will have to add to Christmas list now, lol!
    One question Peter….will our memberships here be valid on Xbox live or will we need seperate accounts or how will that side of things work? Or buying the game disc will give access to everything anyway? Please shed some light!

  4. Sarry Says:

    Oh and you guys better get this deal, lol, otherwise the Sarry will kill you coz now I badly want it already lol.

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