Small Setback

Last night we had a lobby / game minor meltdown – not sure why, but while wrangling the new combo panels, uploading files and such in an attempt to get things back we messed up the feature which allows members to invite Free Players into member combos.

With Greg leaving TODAY to go work for the NBA creating and mangaging their new FANVOICE website we are in a bit of a transition. Bill and I will get organized to keep Cosmic things moving along without Greg’s help. Greg (my son) and I have been partners for 15 years and he will be missed. But his new job is a great opportunity and Bill and I are excited for him as well.

Hopefully he will pop up online from time to time after he settles in.

I wil be on vacation in Italy for a couple of weeks starting Monday. We will try to get everything put back together before that.

Much thanks to all the players who have made combo games – and have provided feedback about the new features.

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2 Comments on “Small Setback”

  1. SL Says:

    My congratulations to Greg. I’m sure everyone here at CEO online wants him to know we wish him all the best.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So do we !

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