Cosmic Encounter Online has vaulted into a new dimension.

Cosmic Encounter Online New Feature
Now Playing Tuesday Sept 19

Cosmic Encounter Online has vaulted into a new dimension.

With the new Captains Option Panel you can select from dozens of preset alien combos chosen by players from the 40,920 or you can choose the to have the room alien in your game. Free Players and Members alike can use the Captains Optian panel. Members can invite Free players to join them in a Member Combo where they may get a a member alien to play.

You can choose to have the ROOM ALIEN in your game. All 33 aliens have a room along with the GHOST alien 34 who makes a guest appearance in the Ghost’s Haunt.

Ghost is not done yet but will come inot your game if you select ROOM ALIEN option.

Here are a few:

Fight the Machine …..Why is everyone picking on the poor Machine?
No Life on Mars….. OK – Why is everyone picking on the Martian?
The Little Mite That Could …..This might be disruptive.
Warpish’s Nightmare….. Is a Warpish nightmare a good dream to it?
Hood-lums….. It’s all about the fashion statement.
Most Annoying Combo Ever …..There are a lot of most annoyings.
Good Samaritans….. Can’t we just all get along?
Split the Win?……. What are friends for anyway?
Spook Show……. The undead come alive. Oxymoron?
Balancing Act…… Who gets to beat up on who?
Bluff Battle …….Liar Liar Pants on…wait you have no PANTS.
Control Freaks……. I’ll do it my way.
Growth Spurt…….. I feel a bit heavy.
Defense for Its Own Sake……. Are we there yet?
Mind Over Matter …….. Part Deux I feel faint.
Passive Play….. A real snoozer.
Trouble with Tubes …….Ok, who has it?
Mathematical Bunch …….Oracle has to work out which pod will cover him.
Ally Helpers ……..Void and Vacuum help by sucking the opponents away.
Big Boys….. in Town Slugfest, down and dirty.
Who’s Boss?……. War with Dic and Wil, Par wanting in, Voi getting revenge.
Card Trimmers …….No pod is safe.
Magical Minds……. I saw that.
Whole Deck Out ……..Give it up.
Leave Me Alone…… Is there no peace?
Warpish’s Party……. Probable favorite to win, Warpish.
Real Animals?………. What is real?

And many many more. Have a great game to add? Post it in the Forum.

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