Captains Option Breakthrough

The Captains Option panel has been working on Bill’s development server. Next step is to clean it up test it on the main server and let ‘er rip…The first version will not include the AUTO add combo feature after you have played a game…but it will have the current combos, will have the ROOM ALIEN IN MY GAME feature, and will work for Members and NON MEMBERS . Non members will only get the room aliens in the Free Rooms and will only be able to access the FREE combos.

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3 Comments on “Captains Option Breakthrough”

  1. The Dukester Says:

    Very nice. This sounds like great progress.

    Combos are going to be huge — personally, I’m planning on playing about 25 games on the release date.

  2. pgocosmic Says:

    As it works right now in develpopment, you can invite a non member into a combo game and non member can get a member alien. Should we allow this? What is the concensus?

  3. AP Says:

    Hm… That’s a tough question. Considering how rare a 4-member game is, and how loath many are to play with bots over humans, even non-members, it might be for the best to allow this.

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