We think the extra time in Negotiaion Outcome MAY give the QUASH more time to have an effect – keep an eye out for failed QUASHES and let us know.

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5 Comments on “QUASH Bug”

  1. Fiddler Says:

    Quash still fails if Vulch is in game when other Aliens activate Emote, I had an idea for this, but since I don’t know the code, it might not work. How about if Vulch collects Emotion Control AFTER the deal is done (whether it succeeds or fails). Might have to do it with Quash too (but I suspect it’s the EC that’s causing the prob here).

  2. El Dukester-o Says:

    I have a random observation that is not at all helpful to this discussion — all three CosBlog posts made today are labeled “August 16,” but today is August 15. Very strange.

    Like I said, not very helpful … I’ll do better next time.

  3. AP Says:

    And the Dukester’s comment is August 17th, when today is the 16th. Have I been left behind in time?

  4. pgocosmic Says:

    I fixed the wrong time setting in the wordpress panel thanks to the ALERT CE PLAYERS OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE

  5. El Dukester-o Says:

    BTW, I like Fiddie’s idea. And if he’s right about the EC being the culprit, then it also solves the problem.

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