CEO summer mini-league players, check your game counts

TheDukester Reports

With only two sessions remaining in the CEO Summer Mini-League, a handful of players might want to make sure they get a few games in this upcoming week (Thursday and Saturday) in order to be eligible to qualify for the finals.

Basically, it takes 10 or more games to qualify for one of the two winning-percentage spots; a maximum of six games can be played by any player in any given week.

If your user ID is on the following list, give it some thought. If it’s not, you’ve either already played 10 games, or you’ve played three or fewer and therefore cannot reach the 10-game minimum.

9 games played: Sleepy Weasel
8 games played: Captain Dave, Dumma
6 games played: Yuropa, Tmax
5 games played: Hadsil, Mystique
4 games played: [-O-], GeorgeOTC, Subby, IronMaiden, BillyTheo

The other two finalists’ spots go to the players with the most wins, regardless of number of games played.

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