Sleepy Weasel Winter Crunch Winner

The final Winter crunch league game was won by Sleepy Weasel. Runners up were yuropa, zxzxi and TheDukester. Participants are welcome to post a blow by blow description.

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10 Comments on “Sleepy Weasel Winter Crunch Winner”

  1. The Dukester Says:

    It really was a great game — 3-3-3-3 in the late stages. At one point, I played a winning pod, but zxzxi stopped it with Emotion Control and ended my turn. Not long after that, Sleepy won it with style, playing the 30 and 40 in the endgame.

  2. zxzxi Says:

    Don’t remember most of the details not already said by Duke.

  3. zxzxi Says:

    Okay, so the picture is too small.

    I’ll see if I can make it a bit bigger.

    Argh, can’t seem to do it. I might post it on the picture section of cosmic a bit later.

  4. Sleepy Weasel Says:

    I was Will, yuropa was Sapient, TheDukester was Parasite, zxzxi was Empath. Sapient was getting pretty strong, and was probably going to have a good chance to deny everyone else and take the win, but I got lucky and drew the 30 and 40 after emptying my hand. At that point I think everyone was near 2, and it was just after my turn. So I had to wait through 3 turns to get to play my biggies. The only real heart stopper was Duke’s win getting stoped by the EC (with quite a long pause before playing it I might add). I chose to go after Parasite for #3, (otherwise he just piggybacks for the win), and the 30 was good enough. That took Parasite down to 1 home base, and no power, so I went for Sapient on the last one, got zapped, and had to beat Empath (with Sapient helping) instead. So that 40 really came in handy. Great pods definitely help. Fun game all around, and fun league.

  5. zxzxi Says:

    Did I really take that long to play it?

  6. Fiddler Says:

    So Duke got in anyway? What happened to Shidder?

  7. pgocosmic Says:

    Shidder had to work and TheDukester was here so he got the slot.

  8. The Dukester Says:

    Yeah, I was in the lobby, and Peter asked me if I’d play (provided no eleventh-hour appearance by Shidder, of course). Overall, it’s probably best that the “second alternate” didn’t win, but it was a great game either way. Interesting thought: our game would have ended with a split-win for sure if it wasn’t a league game (Sapient getting too strong, Parasite doing his thing, plus the EC would have just given me and Yuropa a split instead of continuing the game). That’s why solo wins separate the men from the shoe clerks.

  9. Sleepy Weasel Says:

    “Did I really take that long to play it?”

    It certainly seemed that way to me! Of course I was sitting there hoping it wasn’t Duke who had it (which seemed like the most likely scenario to me).

    re: solo wins – You’re right, that would have been a prime candidate for a shared win game. That’s what I love about solo win only games, you usually have to take the tough way out. Including almost always beating full allies on the last challenge.

  10. pgocosmic Says:

    I was thinking of a marathon Cosmic ONE DAY tournament where we set the WIN to 12 colonies. Each game must have 4 human players and joint wins are allowed. No one can leave until at least one player has 12 colonies….bring your food drinks and porta potty.

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