Top Four Rank Slots In March Are Wide Open

March Rank is Wide Open…
Top four finishers will get Glossy Prints of their best alien.

The LAST hours of March 31 (after the Finals League game) will be played under the APRIL FOOLS ROOLZ….MUWAHAHAHA

Current leaders…check to see your standing
1. yuropa 65,710
2. Knightshadow 63,539
3. TheDukester 46,653
4. SL 39,949
5. Fiddler 24,828
6. BigDaddyShiddr 20,164
7. Peter 18,1921
8. meltedpriest 12,111
9. Capt_Dave_TSA 10,552
10. PHauge 6,717

Leading Alien by Player..SORCERER
Leading Bot …CLONE

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