Congratulations To the Cosmic Crunch Finalists

Congratulations To the Cosmic Crunch Finalists:

The Cosmic Crunch Finals are scheduled for Friday March 31, 8:00 PM est

The winner gets an 8 1/ 2 x 11 Glossy print of their winning alien – autographed.
Runners up get 4 x 6 Glossy print of their finals alien – autographed.

TOP 4 players are the two with most wins and the two with highest % with at least 7 games.

1. yuropa 15 wins
2. zxzxi 13 wins
3. Sleepy Weasel 44.44%
4. (% alternate – Big Shidder 42.11%)

(wins alternate – TheDukester 12 wins)

4. SL 42.85%…declined

Our current plan is to run the Finals Game and then turn on the Cosmic Encounter Online April Fools Weekend.

All the aliens will be in each others skins, extra Artifacts will abound, high and low pods will stack the deck and win conditions will be a random variable.

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