Combo Categories

The Rocket Town Forum has disappeared. I had all but the last two forum combos on my spreadsheet. We will keep the action going in cosblog.

Here are eight Categories for the COMBOS..feel free to add more

Brain Busters – these are generally the numbers aliens
Monster Madness – combos that may send you screaming from the cosmos
Pod Prowess – all pods all the time
Is Tough – this is one alien at a sever disadvantage
Alien Advantage here we find combos that give one alien an advantage
Endless Loops – combos that create loooooong games
Birds of a Feather – aliens that are alike in some way
Scarce Resouces – aliens that compete for the same game items

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5 Comments on “Combo Categories”

  1. hadsil Says:

    Annoying Combo – A power combo that makes the game unfun to other players. The most obvious to me is the Brat/Dork combo.

    Useless Combo – A power combo of two powers that really don’t do anything worthwhile together. The most obvious to me is Healer/Mutant, but there’s also Anti-Matter/Virus and Anti-Matter/Warrior.

    Concept Combo – A power combo of two powers working similar themes, such as Sapient/Parasite.

    Monster Madness Combos- Machine/Clone or Machine Filch. (see also Annoying combo), Pacifist/Clone (if he gets a 40 and a Negotiate, everyone will be in the loony bin though the Negotiate is enough.)

    Interesting Combo – A power combo that makes you go “hmmm”, such as Anti-Matter/Loser or Vrus/Loser. Philanthropist/Trader is one if the timing is accurate.

  2. The Dukester Says:

    Peter —

    I think I might have made the final post before the site went down. It was a “Tough Day for Trader” idea:


    Trader will have to be very careful here, since his foes all specialize in a different sort of pod.

  3. Here’s a couple that could be used:

    Dictator, Brat, Virus, Loser

    Sorcerer, Loser, Mind, Anti-Matter

  4. Mmmmm…yummmmy aliens





  5. boshambo Says:



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