Cosmic Online League Tonight Fri 2/10…8:30 – 11:30 est

Come to Cosmic Lobby within these times and you can play…
Fridays – 8:30 – 11:30 pm est (5:30-8:30 pac)
Saturdays – 7:30 -10:30 pm est (4:30-7:30 pac)

6 games per weekend total

1. Have a player take a screen shot of the winning game screen with the players still there and send to

2. Players will wait for their game assignments in rooms 29 or 28. This way I’ll know who is ready to play. If you need a break from play for any reason, return to the lobby (except DURING a game of course.) That way I”LL know who wants to play. If you are “AWOL” while in a waiting room, and don’t make a game assignment in a timely manner, a BOT will play in your place and the game WILL count in your standings (of course it could go in your favor, but why chance it?)!

3. Games will be played in rooms 30 + 31 only.

4. Game time on Fridays will end at 11PM Eastern. And on Saturdays, if there are fewer than 3 players who have games left to play, the session will end.

5. Decide before you start who will do the screen capture.

6. Players need to stay in the game after its OVER so the player names and colony count can be seen identifying the 4 players and the winner.

7. Name the screen capture file after the winning player: for example:

8. Email the file to:

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