New Player Help Text –

**I generally PAUSE the game for a minute as we go in**

Copy and paste different parts into chat for EZ new player help as the game goes along

Goal = get 4 colonies on other aliens
The game goes in turns to the left
We all get an alien at random
Free Players get 1 of 6
Members get 1 of 32 with none from the last 15 games
The computer picks which alien you go to, you chose the planet

Each Alien breaks a rule as its special power
Click the Alien NAMES to to see what they do
Do that now
Click and hold the scroll arrow to read down

**UNPAUSE when they are ready**


The number NEXT to an alien name is the COLONY COUNT, 4 wins.

Click Encounter Pods button in your console to see all the pods

Same for Artifact Pods

The number in the Mothership’s Headlight = players ships + allies ships + pod

High total win

If an alien wins it gets one more attack, then the play goes to the left.

Attack beats N (negotiate) but the N player gets compensation of 1 pod for each ship lost from the attacker

You lost BUT you get compensation from the alien who played attack because you were WILLING to compromise

When you have to defend a planet with 0 of your ships then you start with 0 points

*For Alliances Sometimes I PAUSE during allies to let players have time* Use the instructions below as necessary, not w

Click on my moon to ally

Click on an alien moon to ally. Then click DONE. Then select ships then DONE. Do that now.

Click on the aliens’ moons to invite them to ally with you. Then click DONE. Do that now.

If you win as an offensive ally you get a colony

If you win as a defensive ally you get a reward of Pods or ships from the warp, = to the number of ships you committed as allies.

Player’s ships+ Allies Ships + Pod played = total force in mothership headlights. High total wins

Artifact Pods are special effects. They glow when you can use them. Click the Artifact Pod Button to see all the Artifacts.

*Say this when game is waiting for Emote or FF*
If you have a blinkling Artifact Pod you can CANCEL it to move the game along

Now you have your first colony. See the 1 next to your alien NAME? 4 colonies wins.

NEGOTIATIONS – if a deal comes up
Click on one of your glowing planets in front of you. Then when the other alien offers you a colony, click accept. Then you will each have a colony.

You and also offer Pods


ABOUT COSMIC – toss in whenever

There are 32 aliens in Cosmic Online so far = 31,445 different game-sets of 4 aliens

Free players can be 1 of 6 aliens. Members get 1 of 32…with no repeats from the last 15 games

Be sure to click on an me or another underlined member in the lobby before your upgrade to get more aliens, then you will get a Cosmic Bonus.

Send eMailiens to your friends and invite them to Cosmic Encounter Online. When they come off the eMailien they become YOUR BONUS PLAYERS pay we give the sending member 10%.

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