Sleepy Weasel Wins Autumn Rumble as PACIFIST

The long awaited final game for the Autumn Rumble League was won by Sleepy Weasel, the 4th seed, who bested TheDukester, Mystique and Subby. The game also counted as the kickoff game to the Winter Cosmic Crunch League.

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One Comment on “Sleepy Weasel Wins Autumn Rumble as PACIFIST”

  1. Sleepy Weasel Says:

    Ahh, now I see why I wasn’t getting any new blog posts…the blog moved! That’s what I get for being out of touch. Anyway…the final was fun. Any errors in the game report below are due to poor memory. Feel free to correct me.

    After all the buld up and waiting, I was estatic to see Pacifist looking back at me when the game started up. The slight disappointment of only having one N was quickly tempered by my other pods – 20, 18, 10(?), Force Field, Emotion Control, and a Zap. A quick survey of the other aliens – left to right from my perspective – Warpish (Mystique), Empath (TheDukester), and Mite (Subby) made it look like I had a pretty good shot at winning this thing.

    Mite started off, and (I think) was thwarted by Warpish and allies. Warpish valiantly sacrificed 4 pods to put up the defensive stand. I didn’t get anything good for helping, but was happy to just get some extra filler pods to protect my good ones. I was next and took advantage of Warpish’s lack of pods to get base #1 (I think I spent the 18 here – being worried about Warpish’s ship total with warp ships and allies). Base #2 came at the expense of Empath. If memory serves, it was a very narrow victory.

    Warpish’s came at me next, and it was decision time. My notable pods were 20, FF, EC, zap and one N. The score was 2-0-0-0, and Warpish was getting fairly strong with warp ships. I felt like I was in a pretty strong position to go for a blitzkrieg victory on my next turn, so I decided to not spend anything on defense and just hope my pods survived to my next turn. I let Warpish walk on in, but since she was out of pods, she didn’t get another turn.

    Destiny hit me again with Empath’s first turn. I had some small second thoughts, but ended up doing the same thing, saving my good pods for a victory push. I think Empath got two bases that turn, but I forget the other encounter. I think Mite got two also on her next turn. I was sweating that turn, not wanting to have to lie down again, or face losing pods, but destiny was kind.

    My second turn started with the score at: 2(me)-1(warp)-2(empath)-2(mite). I drew Mite. Second decision time – when to play the N, when to play the 20. I took a long time deciding, and went with the N on this turn, reasoning that a potential zap MIGHT not come because it was just my 3rd base. Well, Subby saw right through me and played an N also. She took almost the entire minute to accept my base for base offer. I assume it was just a difficult decision, because there wasn’t any other discussion or pod offers.

    3-1-2-3 and I could taste it. I drew Warpish again, and she drew a new rack of pods (somewhat worrying). I hand picked 4 of my best ships and sent them off to battle. Empath and Mite rallied the troops, but my Force Field put them in their place. Luckily for me, Warpish didn’t draw anything good, but still was able to manage a 24-24 tie due to all the warp ships. The Zap took care of that, and I sailed home to victory.

    All in all, the great pods made it a relatively easy victory, with the only real crucial decision being to try to make it a short game rather than putting up a strong defense.

    Thanks to Mystique, TheDukester and Subby for a good game. And sorry for how long this got :).

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